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  • HTC-1 Hygrometer

    A time piece that belongs to 21st century. This one shows time, temperature and humidity, further you can also set alarms for your tasks economical way to monitor indoor temperature and humidity measures temperatures as low as -58Â degree Fahrenheit and up to +158Â degree Fahrenheit display features one-inch tall digital numbers. Powered by 1 x AA battery (not included displays temperature, humidity and time simultaneously If used outdoors, please place under protected area such as a covered porch).

    Material – Durable Hard Plastic

    Large LCD Display for Easy To Read

    Temperature range: -10℃~+50℃. (14℉~+122℉) , Humidity range: 10%~99%RH ,Resolution: temperature: 0.1℃(0.1℉), humidity: 1% RH , Accuracy: temperature: ± 1℃(1.8℉), humidity: ± 5%RH (40%~80%) , Storage condition: -20℃~60℃, 20~80%RH

    Measure Temperature And Humidity , Display Clock And Calender With Integral-hour alarm function.

    Best Use as Desktop Placing or Wall hanging.

  • Waterproof Food thermometer DTM-902

    Precise Temperature Measurements for Professionals

    Discover the DTM-902 thermometer, your ultimate tool for accurate temperature readings in laboratories and industries. With its wide measurement range, this thermometer adapts seamlessly to various applications.

    Safety First: Stainless Steel Probe

    Crafted with your safety in mind, the DTM-902 features a long stainless steel temperature probe that ensures you can take measurements without the fear of burns. The needle-like tip guarantees pinpoint accuracy and swift temperature readings.

    Durable Design, Splash-Resistant

    Introducing the DTM-902 Digital Thermometer, complete with a protective blue silicone casing. This additional layer shields the device from water splashes, enhancing its longevity and reliability.

    Measuring Range: -40 to 300°C / -40 to 572°F
    Resolution: 0.1°C
    Accuracy: ±1.5% Full Scale
    °C & °F unit select-able
    Temperature Hold
    Max/Min Reading
    Power Source: 1 x 1.5v (LR44)
    Packing: Blister Pack

  • Digital Multistem Thermometer


    1. 110mm stainless steel sensor;
    2. 1 second normal temperature sensing time
    3. Temperature high/low point alarm
    4. Low battery indicator
    5. Data hold function
    6. Temperature unit ℃/℉ selectable
    7. Protective plastic sleeve with clip for stainless steel

  • 3 in 1 Soil Ph Moisture

    “The Garden Guardian: Your Plants’ Best Friend!”

    Are your green thumb efforts not yielding the lush and vibrant garden you desire? Introducing our Three-Way Soil Meter – the ultimate companion for all plant enthusiasts! With this moisture, light intensity, and pH testing meter, you’ll unlock the secrets to your plants’ well-being and ensure they thrive like never before.

    “Happy Plants, Happy You!”

    Our Three-Way Soil Meter is the key to making this dream a reality! Gone are the days of uncertainty about your plants’ needs. This clever meter quickly reveals whether your plants are thirsty or content, so you can bid farewell to overwatering or neglect. Plus, you’ll now effortlessly maintain the perfect pH balance, creating an environment tailored to your plants’ preferences. They’ll thank you with flourishing growth and a kaleidoscope of colors!

    “A Greener Tomorrow Starts Today”**

    Join the movement towards sustainable gardening and eco-friendly practices. Our Three-Way Soil Meter empowers you to be an environmentally conscious gardener, making informed choices for your plants and the planet. By optimizing water usage and pH levels, you’ll reduce waste and promote a healthy ecosystem for your garden to thrive. Additionally, with this meter’s ability to assess light intensity, you can strategically position your plants for optimal sun exposure, maximizing their growth potential. Take the reins of your gardening journey and witness the transformation as your plants flourish, thanks to your newfound knowledge and the support of the Three-Way Soil Meter.


    Package Content:

    1 x 3 in 1 Moisture/Light/PH Tester Meter

    1 x User Manual

    1pc blister package

  • Digital LCD Thermometer Mini Hygrometer

    1. Indoor temperature and humidity display
    2. C/F temperature unit display can be selected for ordering
    3. The temperature precision: plus or minus 1.0 ℃
    4. Temperature sampling period: 10 seconds

  • DR. WATT Filter Paper 12.5cm

    Filter Papers of Watts Brand are made of Hand Made Paper are ideal for clarifying and removing precipitates, and preparation for qualitative analysis.

    A quality product from uniglobalbusiness ideal for use in School Laboratories in developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America.

    Standard specifications for school laboratory use. Ideal mix of Quality and Economy.
    Other configurations and superior quality available for specific use or for developed countries.

  • 4 in 1 Soil Moisture Meter Pro

    Range Sunlight

    (9 levels)


    (5 levels)

    Ph value

    (12 levels)

    4.0~9.0( resolution 0.1 )

    PH=7 indicates a neutral soil

    PH<7—acidic soil

    PH>7—alkaline soil



    -9°C ~+50°C (16°F~122°F)

    (resolution 1°C /°F)

    Auto off Will auto off after 5 minutes
    Backlight function Will auto off after 1.5 minutes
    Power supply 1 x 9V ( No included )
    Working current <30mA
    Low battery indicator YES
    Operating temperature +5°C~+40°C
    Working humidity 5%~95%RH non-condensing
    Storage condition -20°C~+50°C,<85%
  • Digital Salinity Meter Salinity Eco

    • Salinity Range: 0.0-19.9%, Uniglobal Business salinity tester has an automatic temperature compensation function(32°F~140°F), which can decrease the error caused by the change of liquid temperature.
    • Wide applications: There are various purposes for the salinity tester. This instrument can not only detect the salt content of edible salt, salt water pool and fish pond, but also the salinity of seawater, marine, salt water fish tank salt level testing.
    • Simple Calibration: Manual 1 Point calibration with the help of the calibration screw offered.
    • Easy to Use: The Uniglobal Business PSU-030 is very portable and light weighted meter which can be easily carried anywhere.
    • Durable: Highly Durable, it acts as a replacement for salinity refractometers
  • 4 in 1 pH/TDS/EC/TEMP meter

    Measures Potential Hydrogen(pH), Electrical Conductivity(EC), Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), and Temperature simultaneouly.

    pH: 1, 2, 3 Point Automatic Calibration

    Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC)

    Replaceable Sensor

    Auto-off Function, Data-hold Function and Low Battery Indicator

    Accuracy–pH: ±0.05pH; TEMP: 0.05℃; EC: ±2%; TDS: ±2%

    Resolution–pH: 0.01pH; EC: 1us/cm; TDS: 1ppm

  • Aquarium Digital Thermometer


    Temperature range: -50C ~ + 80C

    Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1C ; ± 2F

    Display Resolution: 0.1C

    Dimension: 55.5mm × 42.5mm × 16mm

    1 m cable length

    Environment: Temperature: 0C~ + 60C

    Humidity: 20% to 85%

    Power supply: one button battery (LR44,1.5V)

  • Digital Grain Moisture Meter

    Discover the Perfect Grain Moisture Meter – AR991

    Unleash the Potential of Your Grains!

    Unveiling 13 Grain Types 🌾 Say goodbye to uncertainty! With the AR991 Grain Moisture Meter, you’re equipped with 13 distinct grain type options at your fingertips. The variety key empowers you to select your preferred grain type effortlessly. No more guessing – just choose, measure, and achieve precision like never before.

    Lock in Confidence 🔒 Visual confirmation is just a click away. Our ingenious hold key feature lets you lock in the measured value for a moment, allowing you to savor the satisfaction of accurate readings. Gone are the days of second-guessing. The AR991 ensures your confidence remains intact.

    Smart Auto-Shut for Efficiency 🚀 Busy day at the farm? No worries! The AR991 Grain Moisture Meter is designed with your efficiency in mind. It’s programmed to automatically shut down after 3 minutes of inactivity, preserving battery life and giving you one less thing to worry about.



    Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. This information can be used to determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Grain Can Be Measured: rapeseed, sesame, soybean meal, cotton, soybean, peanut, barley, rice, sorghum, watermelon seed, paddy, wheat, maize, fodder

    1. Measuring range: Moisture is 7.5%-50%
    2. LCD backlight: You can control see it clearly in a dark environment.
    3. Auto power-off: It will be shutdown in 15minutes without any operation.
    4. Double sensor for high accuracy and stable performance.
    5. Can choose grain species by pressing the key “Varieties”.
    6. Includes low battery indication, data hold, deviation adjustment and alarm setting functions.
    7. The moisture meter can quickly measure the moisture content in grain.
    8. The probe is well protected by a plastic cover, not easy to be damaged.
    9. Memory function setting: If the batter was removed, the setting content will never disappear.
    10. Measurement 14 kinds: Paddy, Wheat, Corn, Barley, Rice, Sorghum, Feed, Rapeseed, Seed melon, Sesame, Soymeal, Soybean, Peanut, Seed Cotton.

  • DO Meter – Dissolved-Oxygen- Meter- JPB-70A

    Model Number: JPB-70A
    Type: Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Measurement range: 0.0 to 20.0 mg/L
    Accuracy: 0.3mg/L
    Resolution: 0.1
    Residual current: not more than 0.15mg/L

    Discover Accurate Oxygen Measurement: Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    Accurate Readings, Reliable Results

    Explore the world of precise oxygen measurement with our Dissolved Oxygen Meter. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confident analysis.

    Key Features that Matter

    • Unparalleled Precision: From dissolved oxygen levels to temperature, trust in the accuracy of our meter’s readings. Make informed decisions with confidence.
    • Versatile Analysis: Whether in aquatic ecosystems or wastewater treatment, our meter adapts to various scenarios, ensuring reliable data every time.

    Smart Technology, Simple Usage

    Experience the future of oxygen analysis without the complexity. Our Dissolved Oxygen Meter boasts user-friendly features that enhance your workflow.

    Your Oxygen Analysis Partner

    • Scientific Accuracy: Hone in on the facts with scientific precision. Our meter equips you with insights to drive impactful decisions.
    • Streamlined Testing: Effortlessly measure dissolved oxygen in water bodies or industrial settings. Uncover vital information without hassle
  • MCT 1.5ml – Pack of 500

    Capacity : 1.5 ml
    Usage/Application : Chemical Laboratory
    Color : Transparent
    Material : PP
    Country of Origin : Made in India
    Application : Laboratory Test

  • Milwaukee MA871 Digital Brix Refractometer

    RANGE: 0 to 85%
    BrixRESOLUTION: 0.1% | 0.1°C (0.1°F)
    ACCURACY: ±0.2%
    Brix | ±0.3°C | ±0.5°F

    The Milwaukee MA871 digital Brix Refractometer is a versatile tool that caters to the needs of winemakers, brewers, fruit and vegetable growers, and food and beverage producers.

    With its advanced features and reliable performance, the MA871 digital Brix Refractometer offers precise measurements of Brix, a unit used to measure the sugar content in liquids. This instrument is particularly valuable in the wine and brewing industries, where monitoring sugar levels is crucial for achieving desired flavors and alcohol content.


    Fruit and vegetable growers can benefit from the MA871 as well. It allows them to assess the ripeness and sweetness of their produce, aiding in harvest timing and quality control. Additionally, food and beverage producers can utilize this refractometer to monitor sugar concentrations during the production process, ensuring consistent product quality.


    The MA871 digital Brix Refractometer stands as an ideal choice for professionals in these industries, providing accurate and convenient measurements for critical applications. Its reliability and versatility make it an indispensable tool for winemakers, brewers, fruit and vegetable growers, and food and beverage producers alike.

  • Vernier Caliper 150MM

    High quality: Full stainless steel, high quality measuring device. High Accuracy: the accuracy is 0.02mm / 0.001 inch
    Sharp black graduations on satin finished bar ease reading, and raised sliding surfaces prevent wear of graduations
    Fine-adjust screw ensures accurate measurements and locking screw secures the measurement tightly in place for accurate reading
    Multi Function: It can measure outside diameter, inside diameter, depth and step value of an exquisite item, a multifunctional tool for you. Measuring range: 0 – 150mm ( 0 – 6 inch )
    Highly polished surface, Heavyweight, Rugged Design with Hardened Stainless Measuring Surfaces


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