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pH Electrode

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A pH electrode, also known as a pH sensor, is a crucial tool used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. It consists of a glass electrode that responds to the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution, producing a voltage that corresponds to the pH level. pH electrodes are widely used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, water treatment, and environmental monitoring. These electrodes are essential for ensuring the quality and safety of products, optimizing chemical processes, and maintaining proper environmental conditions. Regular calibration and maintenance of pH electrodes are necessary to ensure accurate and reliable pH measurements.

  • PH Range 0-14.
  • Temperature 0-20.
  • General Purpose Ph measurement.
  • Lenght-140mm, Dia-12mm

A glass electrode is a type of ion-selective electrode made of a doped glass membrane that is sensitive to a specification. The most common application of ion-selective glass electrodes is for the measurement of pH. The pH electrode is an example of a glass electrode that is sensitive to hydrogen ions. Glass electrodes play an important part in the instrumentation for chemical analysis and physico-chemical studies. The voltage of the glass electrode, relative to some reference value, is sensitive to changes in the activity of certain type of ions.

pH Glass Laboratory Electrode

An Economical, Accurate and Reliable Laboratory

Measurement of pH in laboratory is regularly performed in major industries, thus we provide electrodes for an economical, accurate and reliable Laboratory

Specially Designed With Glass Body

These electrodes are specially designed with glass body for precise measurement of pH and they are compatible with all the major pH meters and Indicators.

Range 0 -14pH Glass Sensor

These electrodes can also be installed on measured surface or devices using a unique designed ½” NPT connector available with us.


  • Low maintenance, non-refillable, glass body
  • Built In Temperature Sensor (Optional)
  • Convenient installation using ½” NPT connector.

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pH Electrode

650.00750.00 (-13%)

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