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  • 900.001,800.00

    Digital Salinity Meter Salinity Eco

    • Salinity Range: 0.0-19.9%, Uniglobal Business salinity tester has an automatic temperature compensation function(32°F~140°F), which can decrease the error caused by the change of liquid temperature.
    • Wide applications: There are various purposes for the salinity tester. This instrument can not only detect the salt content of edible salt, salt water pool and fish pond, but also the salinity of seawater, marine, salt water fish tank salt level testing.
    • Simple Calibration: Manual 1 Point calibration with the help of the calibration screw offered.
    • Easy to Use: The Uniglobal Business PSU-030 is very portable and light weighted meter which can be easily carried anywhere.
    • Durable: Highly Durable, it acts as a replacement for salinity refractometers
  • Salinity meter water tester

    Salinity meter water tester

    C-100 is TDS/EC/SALINITY/S.G/TEMP portable multifunction water quality test meter.IP67 waterproof ,with backlight. Salinity meter and TDS meter.

    Test before Drinking

    TDS value represents totl soluble solids content in water. The lower the TDS value, indicating the solubility of heavy metal ions in water. Conductivity is the total amount of dissolved solids which is the conductivity of the total ions in the water.

    Application range

    Used for Aquarium, food processing. Schools. Laboratory. Fish hetcheries. Beverage processing Dam and so on

  • 1,825.00

    Digital Portable Salinity Meter

    Digital Portable Salinity Meter Salinometer Halometer Salt Gauge Salty Brine Seawater Food Salinity Tester LCD Backlight


    Range: 0~199.9ppt
    Resolution: 0.1ppt Accuracy: ±2%F.S
    Battery: 4*1.5V(without batteries)
    Temperature Compensation: 0°C~50°C
    Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃

  • Portable Salinity Meter

    Portable Salinity Meter Handheld Digital Water Pen Salinometer Waterproof Halometer Salt Gauge Tester


    1. Measure Range:0~100ppt
    2. Resolution:0.1ppt
    3. Accuracy:±2%F.S
    4. Operating Temperature:0℃~50℃
    5. Temperature Compensation:0℃~50℃
    6. Power Supply: 4*15V(AG13)(not included)

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