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Digital Portable Salinity Meter


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Digital Portable Salinity Meter Salinometer Halometer Salt Gauge Salty Brine Seawater Food Salinity Tester LCD Backlight


Range: 0~199.9ppt
Resolution: 0.1ppt Accuracy: ±2%F.S
Battery: 4*1.5V(without batteries)
Temperature Compensation: 0°C~50°C
Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃

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Salinity Meter Operating steps:

1. Remove the protective cap.
2. Wash electrodes in distilled water, and dry it by filter paper.
3.Turn on by “ON-OFF” switch.
4. Put electrode into liquid which is to be test, and stir lightly. Wait until the digital is stable, read the final value.
5. After use, wash electrodes, put on protective cap.

Digital Portable Salinity Meter Calibration:
1.Immerse the meter in the distilled water. Activate it about some hours.
2.Immerse the meter in 35ppt calibration solution (at 25℃),and stir it gently.
3.Allow the reading to stabilize and turn the calibration trimmer with a small screwdriver until the display shows 35ppt.

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Digital Portable Salinity Meter


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