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Portable Salinity Meter

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Portable Salinity Meter Handheld Digital Water Pen Salinometer Waterproof Halometer Salt Gauge Tester


1. Measure Range:0~100ppt
2. Resolution:0.1ppt
3. Accuracy:±2%F.S
4. Operating Temperature:0℃~50℃
5. Temperature Compensation:0℃~50℃
6. Power Supply: 4*15V(AG13)(not included)

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Salinity Meter

Portable Salinity Meter Use steps :
1. Remove the protective cap
2. Turn the meter on by pressing the ON-OFF button located on the top of battery case.
3. Immerse the meter in the solution to be tested.

Without exceeding the maximum immersion level.
4. Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.
5. After use. rinse the electrode with water to minimize contamination.
6.Turn the meter off by pressing the ON-OFF button.
7.Replace protective cap after use.

Digital Salinity MeterPortable Salinity Meter Calibration:

1)Immerse the electrode into the distilled water and activate it about five minuts.

2)Immerse the electrode in the calibration solution(6.44ppt at 25℃),

gently shake it and wait for a stable display.Regulate the timmer with the screwdriver provided until display shows”6.44″at buffer solution temperature of 25℃.

3)Rinse the electrode with distilled water, and dry it with filter paper.

 SMART SENSOR Portable Salinity MeterNote:

1)Stir gently the electrode operating. Don’t let some blebthe electrode.

2)For guarantee the measure accuracy, please don’t re-calibrate it optionally.

3)In case of abnormal phenomena such as high measured deviation,blinking measured value, no zero resetting, etc, please immerse the electrode in alcohol for cleaning. Do not touch or scratch the pin electrode

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