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Looking for the most reliable Manufacturer or Importer of Industrial Instruments? You are at the right place!

Uniglobal Business offers new products with the latest cutting edge technology and according to the market needs. We provides high quality of Imported and Indian Industrial Instruments. We have availability of stocks, Quick deliveries to fulfil the Order. “Uniglobal Business Products” are rapidly growing family of businesses with highly motivated team who strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. Our customers are our prime focus. We are always here to serve you and look forward to helping you succeed.

Established in the year 2019 we “Uniglobal Business.” are engaged as the, Soil pH Meter, Tds Meter, Ph Testing etc. The products are highly acknowledged. They are known to make use of the best quality components, coupled with the latest technology.

We have an advanced infrastructural base that is equipped with all the essential amenities. Thus, we aim to understand the diverse needs of our clients and offer suitable range of products. Being a client-centric firm, our main is to accomplish the customers’ needs very competently.


The company started in Greater Noida in Y2019 with a few e-commerce products selling online, to provide economical and quality Industrial products all over India. In the span of two years, we sensed there is huge demand for quality products at economical prices in this  industry . So we are involved in importing the goods and manufacturing of few products to meet the expectation of the customer.We have set quality standards for ourselves as  manufacturer and importer of Industrial Instruments in India. We offer items that are custom-made to meet the needs of our clients, and we use only the best materials in the process. After doing extensive market research, we only employ materials from well-known and reputable suppliers in the industry to build our product line.


Our firm has assembled a team of experts that are regarded to be the backbone of our operation. A wide range of people are involved in our team, from designers to technicians to researchers to engineers to quality controllers to administrative staff to sales and marketing staff to warehouse and packaging specialists. As the landscape changed, we realized the need of providing high-quality tools and equipment at a reasonable price, backed by good after-sale service. We guarantee that the prices we give for these items are the most competitive in the industry, backed by prompt service and a high degree of customization, customized packages, and a professional approach.000000


 An ambitious strategy is in place to grow the firm both vertically and horizontally in the future years, as we are determined to become a market-leading supplier, with reliable supplies, excellent backup support, and ethical business practices..


Our goal is to boost the economy and enhance the quality of life for everyone. At the same time, we strive to maintain the credibility of working as manufacturer, Importer, wholesaler, and supplier of Industrial Instruments in India. At every level of our company, we strive to infuse and promote innovation and, as a result, usher in an era of permanent prosperity. Our goal is to continue delivering high-quality products and services and enriching the lives of those who work with us.

Innovation and Manufacturing technologies

Uniglobal business has been a pioneer in the field of industrial instruments for a long time now. The research and development team is continually striving to create new testing methods and improve upon already-existing ones. In order to simplify analytical testing, our best-talented minds work together to improve instruments, sensor development, and much more.

Why are we the preferred choice of our clients?

Get high-quality products at competitive costs

Customers and Dealers have come to know and trust us because of our commitment to providing high-quality products at competitive costs. Also maintaining a Fair business policy coupled with an affordable price range is a boon for our customers.

A 360-degree approach to our values

In addition to obtaining the finest value for your money, you’ll also benefit from Uniglobal Business’s unparalleled customer service and post-sale technical assistance when you purchase a Uniglobal Business product.

Strict Quality control

Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with stringent ISO 9001 quality control requirements. Instruments are thoroughly tested throughout the production process, including a final 100% quality control check before shipping.

Maintaining industry recognition.

As a result of technological advancements and State-of-art manufacturing units, a broad qualitative variety of goods were created, backed by a Wide distribution network to fulfill the diverse needs of different industries. This made us one of the Trusted members of IndiaMart Intermesh Ltd and Platinum member of TradeIndia.


You should never have any doubts regarding the level of support or technical assistance you will receive after making a purchase. Customer connections are founded on Uniglobal Business’s commitment to high-quality products and personalized service.

Our Achievements

Trust and recognition from clients spanning across different industries globally.

Trusted Member of IndiaMart Ltd.

We are an ISO 9001 Certified company.

Achieved the tag of Trade India Premium seller.

Uniglobalbusiness.com is India’s fastest growing online marketplace for Industrial Goods, Business Supplies, Tools, Equipment for selling non-notified medical devices, hospital equipment, personal care, and many more. Try our products now!

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