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  • 775.001,000.00

    Mini Crane 200 KG Hanging scale TS320

    Multipurpose: This Multi-Utility Hanging Scale can be used at Ware Houses , Stores , LPG delivery stations, Poultry Farms, Scrapyards & Airports. “Metal Hooks with Handy Grip Makes in ideal for Travellers”

    Accurate Weighing : This Scale checks weight of everything around you with out spending a lot. It also has High-Precision Straining Load Cell Sensors for Maximum Accuracy which Weighs anything up to 100 Kg with an accuracy of 10 g.

    Auto Off Feature : This scale turns off after one minute of inactivity. It comes with 2 Nos. AAA size Power Batteries for 400+ Hours of Battery Backup which run long due to its power efficient backlit LCD Display

    Colour Assorted / Multicolored ( available Randomly) : Available in ORANGE and YELLOW colors randomly
    Durability : Sturdy ABS Hard Plastic Body with Stainless Steel Hooks gives it Extra Strength. It also has a High-Precision Straining Loadcell Sensor .

    Troubleshooting Feature : Very simple Calibration

  • 295.00400.00

    Kitchen Weighing Scale SF 400A With Adapter

    1.High Measure precision
    2.mearsure range:0.5-5kg
    3.Non-slip base
    5.Adapter and Battery is included with the scale
    6.This is a professional scale designed for kitchen, mail room or even your workshop. It has a large washable tray for routine cleaning
    7. It ensures accurate weighing even in high humidity areas as its splash-proof design Weight Kitchen Scale SF 400A , Kitchen Weight Machine Digital

  • 180.00300.00

    Kitchen Scale SF-400

    1. Wide LCD screen display, easy to read, Automatically locks the reading when data is stable
    2. Low power consumption, Low battery indicator,Tare function, Maximum Capacity 10kg
    3. The scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power
    4. High-precision tension meter sensing system, 1G Measuring Increments, Power by 1.5V 2 x AA batteries
    5. Color: White, With 3 Button on the scale, that is on/off,Mode,Tare, Material: PVC

  • 9,900.0012,000.00

    KERRO® BL-P6D/5003 | 500G/0.001GM

    Brand: KERRO® BL-P6D/5003 Model: BL-P6D/5003(500GM/0.001G)
    KERRO® BL-P6D/5003 Large LED Display: easy to read, clear and precise reading even in dark environment.

    2. Functions: This laboratory scale has multiple functions of tare.

    3. RS-232 Ports. : No

    4 Load Cells : Yes

    5. Platform Size:90mm

    WITH WINDSHIELD-This laboratory scale is equipped with windshield, aiming to avoid external influence like wind and make the weighing results more accurate. Stainless steel made round weighing pan makes the sensor uniformly stressed to ensure an accurate weighing results
    UNIT CONVERSION-Unit can be converted from g, lb, ct, oz, ozt, GN,pcs
    0.001g/1mg HIGH PRECISION-Compared to 1mg glass cover scale, this lab scale is more lightweight and economical while its upgraded core sensor ensures the weighing results correct and stable, up to a precision of 0.001g.

  • 800.001,000.00

    SF 400C Electronic Compact Scale

    • SF 400C Electronic Compact Scale
    • Accurate Weighing : Accuracy of 10 milligrams (0.01g) {100th part of a gram}, hence its a very sensitive scale, should be used in a stable environment without wind and on a stable flat surface to get proper stable accuracy.
    • Multipurpose Scale : This Scale is Ideal for weighing Gold & Silver Jewelry, Precious stones, food products, grains and all other products which needs hygienic and clean environment with high accuracy. Ideal for jewelers, homes, pharmaceuticals, Gemstones Ornaments Labs and for sample weighing.
    • Auto Off Feature : This Scale Turns off after one minute of Inactivity and has 400 Hours of battery backup in one set of 2 AAA cells. Large LCD Display with backlite. It also runs with Mains Power Cord for Direct Usage, Cristal clear high brightness display with bigger keys.
      Troubleshooting :Very Simple Calibration and Troubleshooting by our Customer Support to Solve all your problems
    • Digital Weight Measuring machine Capacity 600g/10mg
    • Display LCD (with back light)
    • Accuracy 10mg/0.01 mg
  • 1,300.001,600.00

    KERRO Digital Precision Analytical Balance Lab Scale

    600G x 0.01G KERRO Digital Weighing Precision Analytical Balance Lab Scale

  • 210.00350.00

    Mini Digital Measuring Pocket Scale

    1. Small size, like a cell phone, easy to carry.
    2. Stainless steel platform.
    3. Support tare weighing and counting function,Durable and compact digital pocket scale for easy portability. Weighs items up to 200g in 0.1g increments
    Multiple weighing units: (g / tl / oz / ct /gn).
    4.Powered by 2 aaa batteries(Included).: as the scale is for exact measuring, the measuring data would vary a little with the changing of surrounding temperature, humidity and other conditions

  • 400.00500.00

    Digital Hanging Luggage Scale


    Max: 50 kg

    Accuracy: 5 g; 10 g
    kg; lb; oz; jin
    ABS plastic; High Carbon Steel;
    2  AAA batteries

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