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Water Testing Kit

For all fish hobbyists and aquarists, water testing is an essential part of keeping the aquarium or pond healthy. Why is it essential? The simple answer — “You want your fish to be healthy.” You can be feeding your fish the right amount of quality food, all the meals given are in time, and all…

What is Digital Photo Colorimeter and how is it used?

Whether we're aware of it or not, color has a profound impact on our thoughts and actions. All of these things can be accomplished with only a few strokes of a paintbrush. As a result of the universality of color, it is difficult to describe it, in part because there are so many hues to…

Complete Product Guide of Micropipette

Introduction: Micropipette A micropipette is an instrument that is used commonly in the laboratory to transfer the liquid volumes accurately and precisely in the range of microliter. Various types of micropipettes are available for use in the laboratory. Different types of micropipettes offer different functions like single-channel micropipettes are commonly used for performing research for…

Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse Osmosis, basically, is a water filtration process using a selectively permeable membrane which allows only certain useful ions and molecules to pass through. This pressure-driven selectively or semi-permeable membrane filters water for drinking purposes by applying pressure to overcome osmotic pressure. To understand better, let’s dig a little deeper and…

How does the ORP meter work for water testing

People frequently take their drinking water for granted. Water is essential to human life, whether it comes from the tap in your sink or is purchased at the local grocery shop. There is potable water everywhere, but watch what you drink. Water with a high or low pH, as well as water with a positive…

Soil Moisture Meter

Who hasn’t struggled to keep their plants properly hydrated at one point or another? Get a soil moisture metre if you frequently forget to water or if you give your plants too much water. For healthier plants, these garden tools take the guesswork out of watering. Anyone with a green thumb—or a propensity of murdering…

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