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Bemis™ Parafilm™ 2″

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1. It can seal variety of laboratory Equipments quickly and effectively, easy and convenient.
2. With waterproof and moisture proof features, It can prevents the experimental sample’s volatile and pollution effectively.
3. Protect the anhydrous material effectively.
4. It could be reused repeatedly folded, and will not be torn even wrapped around sharp objects.
5. The temperature increase, the flexibility and softness also increased accordingly.
6. Good toughness, 21 ℃ can also be stretched nearly twice the length.

Parafilm M is a unique self-sealing, moldable and flexible film for numerous uses in the typical laboratory including electron microscope laboratories. Parafilm® M has unique permeability properties, impressive water vapor transport properties, and is resistant to many common reagents. With the use of the special Parafilm® M dispenser, which is sized to take either the 2″ (50.8 mm) or 4″ (101.6 mm) wide rolls, one can conveniently cut off uniform sized strips or squares of 2″ (50.8 mm) length. The thickness of all Parafilm products is 0.005″ (127µm).

Parafilm MParafilm(Parafilm MFilm)
brand Parafilm M
Manufacturer Alcan
Place of Origin U.S.A
Item number PM996

Number: PM996
Size: 100mm X38m

DISPENSER:(25.4 mm) and 4″ (100.8 mm) wide rolls fast , safe, and easy, make possible with the smooth downward lever action. The recessed blade ensures safe, dependable use and simplified replacement. The automatic lever holds the desired
cut-off length in place adding stability while dispensing.

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Bemis™ Parafilm™ 2"

1,800.002,000.00 (-10%)

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