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Salinity Refractometer (0-100%)

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  • Portable Handheld Refractometer Salinity Test Marine Reef Hydrometer 0-100% salinity
  • The lens needs to be cleared with distilled water before use every time for accurate reading
  • Accuracy : 0.001sg(1%)
  • Note: Not suitable for showing TSS for fruits. Please read product details before buying

This Portable Handheld Refractometer is perfect for measuring the salinity of 0-100%. It is easy to use and portable, making it perfect for on-the-go measurements. The Erma Brix Refractometer is a professional-quality tool designed for measuring the sugar content of fruits and vegetables. It is also useful for measuring the salinity of water samples. This refractometer has a wide measuring range of 0-100% and an accuracy of 0.001sg (1%). The compact size (195 x 40 mm) makes it easy to carry and store


With Built-in Calibration Knob


Soft rubber eye piece for comfortable viewing


Equipped with scale measurement which provides direct reading


Determines the amount of dissolved salt and dissolved solids


Accurate testing results guaranteed


Extremely easy-to-use and calibrate


Approved by strict quality and safety standards


Durable and built to last long


Made with the highest and finest quality of aluminum & rubber that makes it lightweight


Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubberized grip handle


Adjustable manual focusing

Handheld 0-100% salinity aquarium ATC refractometer 1.000-1.070SG Salinity Seawater salinometer For aquarium Seawater or a salt (brine) Optical Refractometer designed to measure seawater (marine aquaria) or very low concentrated salt solutions
It can be generally calibrated by fresh water but to ensure accurate salinity measurement of reef aquarium, calibrate at least once by a solution matching the refractive index of 35ppt seawater or similar solution near measurement range.


  • Checks concentration of salt water and brine or salinity in water
  • Best use in quality control in research, clinical laboratories and marine industry
  • Manage marine saltwater tank well
  • Provide safe environment for your water pets to survive and thrive in their typical marine environment


  • Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC), rest easy that your measurements are always accurate regardless of temperature variation
  • Simple calibration and operation
  • Soft rubber eyepiece for comfortable viewing
  • Uses subtle and comfortable non-slip rubberized grip, separates test solution from body heat
  • Adjustable focus, clear, large and easy-to-read result
  • Durable,built to last long
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards

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Salinity Refractometer (0-100%)

625.001,200.00 (-48%)

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