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How to keep your body pH health

a. Drink a fresh green juice every single day.

b. Drink the juice of half lemon squeezed in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning (citrus fruits seem acidic but are actually very alkaline!)

c. Eat a diet full of nutritious and alkaline vegetables and fruits.

d. Stay away from all processed foods and fried foods which are extremely acidic.Avoid refined sugar like the plague, fresh fruits are okay.e. Drink quality water such as purified water or even better, fresh spring water (tap water usually has fluoride in it and is very toxic to the body, which your dentist may not tell you.)

f. Use natural household cleaning agents such as diluted apple cider vinegar.Eat more plant-based foods and opt for only grass-fed, organic animal products.

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pH Paper

Ph Paper Box / Ph Paper Strip

450.00500.00 (-10%)

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