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    DO Meter – Dissolved-Oxygen- Meter- JPB-70A

    A Dissolved Oxygen – DO Meter is a vital instrument used to measure the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. These meters are crucial in various industries like aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and environmental monitoring. By measuring the oxygen levels in water, DO meters help assess the water quality, which is essential for the survival of aquatic organisms and the overall ecosystem health. DO meters typically work by using a probe that detects the concentration of oxygen molecules in the water. The data collected by DO meters is crucial for maintaining optimal oxygen levels in water bodies and ensuring environmental sustainability.

    Model Number: JPB-70A
    Type: Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Measurement range: 0.0 to 20.0 mg/L
    Accuracy: 0.3mg/L
    Resolution: 0.1
    Residual current: not more than 0.15mg/L

    Discover Accurate Oxygen Measurement: Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    Accurate Readings, Reliable Results

    Explore the world of precise oxygen measurement with our Dissolved Oxygen Meter. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confident analysis.

    Key Features that Matter

    • Unparalleled Precision: From dissolved oxygen levels to temperature, trust in the accuracy of our meter’s readings. Make informed decisions with confidence.
    • Versatile Analysis: Whether in aquatic ecosystems or wastewater treatment, our meter adapts to various scenarios, ensuring reliable data every time.

    Smart Technology, Simple Usage

    Experience the future of oxygen analysis without the complexity. Our Dissolved Oxygen Meter boasts user-friendly features that enhance your workflow.

    Your Oxygen Analysis Partner

    • Scientific Accuracy: Hone in on the facts with scientific precision. Our meter equips you with insights to drive impactful decisions.
    • Streamlined Testing: Effortlessly measure dissolved oxygen in water bodies or industrial settings. Uncover vital information without hassle
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    DO meter – Dissolved Oxygen Meter.

    The DO-66APro type pen type intelligent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is designed to facilitate the user to carry the operation on the spot. The instrument can be divided into two parts: the sensor and electronic unit. The sensor adopts thin film dissolved oxygen electrode. The electronic unit is an integrated operational amplifier + microcomputer chip with automatic temperature compensation function.

    1. The instrument is compact and lightweight.
    2. It comes with its own carrying case for easy carrying and storage of the instrument. The suitcase is made of PP plastic, which is tough, impact resistant, solid and durable.

    Battery durability
    1. Two AAA batteries for longer lasting power, up to about 600 hours of continuous use.
    2. The device is equipped with a low voltage alert to make it more user-friendly.
    3. When thepoweris about to run out, a prompt will appear on the screen to remind the user to pay attention to the power and replace the battery in time.

    1. The entire body is waterproof except the battery compartment, which better protects the internal circuitry.

    Auto calibration
    1. The two-point “0%” and “100%” auto-calibration buttons make it easy to calibrate.

    Temperature compensation function
    1. Automatically recognizes and converts the value of the difference between the actual solution temperature and the standard temperature to ensure more accurate measurement results.

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