Mextech AM-4208 Anemometer

Mextech AM-4208 Anemometer

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We are engaged in trading of Digital Anemometer AM4208, which finds amplification in installation, debug and repair for refrigeration industry, ventilation duct, environment monitor, navigation measurement, weather forecast, collection of the weather datum for outdoor busywork and fire department

  • Display : 0.5” (13mm) 4-digit LCD
  • Measurement units Air Velocity : m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots
  • Air Flow : CMM (m3/min) CFM (ft3/min)
  • Beaufort scale : Force
  • Wave Height : m
  • Data hold : Max/Min Value
  • Data memorized : 24 groups
  • Sampling rate : Reading per second approx
  • Sensors : air velocity/flow sensor: Conventional angled vane arms and With low-friction ball bearing
  • Temperature sensor : Precision thermistor
  • Automatic Power off: 0-9 minutes set by users
  • Data output : RS232C serial interface
  • Operating temperature : 14 to 140 (-10to60)
  • Operating humidity : Max. 80% RH
  • Power supply : 260g (0.571b) including batteries probe
  • Optional accessories : Cable software for RS 232C
  • Volume flow calculation up to 99,990 m3/h
  • Ideal for measurements in ducts
  • Telescopic handle to 300 mm

The Mextech AM-4208 Anemometer is a reliable and accurate instrument designed for measuring air velocity and temperature. It comes with a digital LCD display that provides clear readings for easy monitoring. The device is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for use in various applications such as HVAC systems, environmental monitoring, and industrial processes.

This anemometer features a vane sensor that ensures precise airflow measurements with a high level of sensitivity. The measurement range for air velocity is from 0.3 to 45 m/s, with an accuracy of ±3% ± 0.1 m/s. Additionally, the temperature measurement range is from 0 to 45°C with an accuracy of ±2°C.

The Mextech AM-4208 Anemometer is user-friendly, with simple controls for easy operation. It is powered by a 9V battery, ensuring long-lasting performance in the field. Overall, this anemometer is a cost-effective solution for professionals who require reliable air velocity and temperature measurements in a compact and portable device.

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2,850.003,500.00 (-19%)

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