Micropipette Variable 10-100 UL | Micropipette Variable

Micropipette Variable 10-100 UL

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White coloured Variable volume microlitre pipettes wherein volumes can be continuously adjusted by rotating the plunger or thumb button. It has click-stop digital system, reverse pipetting technique and separate, streamlined tip ejector. Each pipette has been tested & calibrated and comes with its own calibration certificate.

Capacity : 10 – 100 µL
Use : Used in laboratory to dispense liquid samples.


Volume Range
10-100 μl
±1±1.8 – 0.8%
≤0.5 – 0.15%
Sterilization Autoclave at 121°C for 20 Minutes
Package Content
1 x Micropipette, 1 x Calibration Key, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Quality Assurance Form, 1 x Bag of Pipettes
Package Type Cardboard Box

How to use Micropipette

  • ✔ When withdrawing solution, do not fully insert the tip. You should aim to have it around 1 cm into the solution to avoid withdrawing close from the surface and taking in air, and avoiding any contact between the micropipette and the solution.
  • ✔ When withdrawing viscous solutions, the plunger should be released very slowly to ensure that no air bubbles form within the tip (as this will give you a lower volume than indicated).
  • ✔ Never hold your micropipette with the tip facing upwards while you have solution in the tip. This may cause the solution to run back into the piston mechanism, which will damage and contaminate it.
  • ✔ When dispensing small volumes, you may need to either dispense directly into the solution by immersing the tip or by dispensing onto the side of the vial. The tip should be replaced after each dispense to avoid cross contamination.
  • ✔ If a micropipette is set to a volume outside of its stated operational range, the micropipette should be recalibrated to ensure that you are still getting the correct volumes.
  • ✔ If the micropipette is dropped, this may result in the need to recalibrate it.

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Micropipette Variable 10-100 UL

525.00900.00 (-42%)

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