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HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A

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Brand Name : HTC
Type of Product : Sound Level Meter
Range : 30-130dB
Resolution : 0.1dB
Accuracy : ±1.5 dB
Sampling time : Fast / Slow

Technical Data:

    • Sensor Type: 1/2 inch condenser Micro Phone
    • Standard Accessories: Soft Carrying Case, Manual
  • The HTC 30-130dB Sound Level Meter SL-13A is a professional-grade instrument designed for accurately measuring sound levels across a wide range of applications. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this sound level meter is widely used in industrial, environmental, and occupational noise monitoring
  • To ensure accuracy and reliability, the HTC SL-13A is equipped with a high-precision condenser microphone. This microphone is designed to capture sound waves with high fidelity, providing accurate measurements in various environments. The meter also features a built-in calibration function, allowing users to verify and adjust the accuracy of the device when needed
  • The SL-13A offers several additional features to enhance usability. It includes a data hold function, allowing users to freeze the displayed measurement for later reference. It also has a backlight feature, enabling easy reading in low-light conditions
  • A typical sound level meter consists of a microphone, an amplifier, and a display unit. The microphone picks up the sound waves, which are then converted into electrical signals. The signals are amplified and processed by the meter, and the resulting sound level is displayed on the unit.
  • Sound level meters are designed to measure sound pressure levels, which indicate the intensity of sound. The unit of measurement for sound pressure levels is the decibel
  • Min./Max.
  • Data hold
  • Overload Indication “UN & OL”
  • Auto Power off (APO)

HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A are devices designed to measure the intensity of sound in various environments. They are commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, offices, and homes to ensure compliance with noise regulations and protect individuals from potential hearing damage. A sound level meter typically consists of a microphone to capture sound, a preamplifier to boost the signal, and a display to show the measured levels in decibels (dB).

HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A

There are different types of HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A available, ranging from basic models to advanced instruments with additional features. Integrating sound level meters provide a single measurement of sound levels over a period, while logging sound level meters can record data for extended durations. Some sound level meters come equipped with octave band filters to analyze sound levels at different frequencies.

HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A play a critical role in various applications, including monitoring noise levels in industrial workplaces, assessing noise pollution on construction sites, determining noise levels in office environments, and conducting environmental noise monitoring. These devices offer benefits such as ensuring compliance with noise regulations, protecting individuals from hearing damage, enhancing productivity by creating quieter work environments, and minimizing the environmental impact of noise pollution.

In conclusion, HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A are essential tools for measuring sound intensity, monitoring noise levels, and maintaining safe and healthy environments. Their versatility and accuracy make them indispensable instruments in a wide range of settings where noise monitoring is crucial for regulatory compliance and individual well-being.

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HTC Sound level Meter SL-13A

1,390.001,600.00 (-13%)

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