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What Is The Difference between N95 and N99 Masks?


We live in a world full of cars and industrial gases from which we need to protect our lungs. It is not easy to do it, therefore you have multiple masks such as N95 and N99 respirators and that filter the air for you.

Long-term exposure to polluted particles in the air can weaken the sensitive tissue in your lungs, making it hard for your immune system to fight multiple serious diseases.

If you already suffer from some of these diseases, it is necessary to use the protection masks. Here, I will walk you through the benefits of N95 and N99 respirators, while emphasizing their differences.

1.  Air Pollution Effects

You are probably aware of the fact that polluted air is not good for your health. But you might not be sure how harmful it actually is.
Medical researches have shown that breathing polluted air leads to multiple life-treating diseases such as stroke, heart diseases, asthma, and other numerous respiratory diseases.

In case you already have some of these health problems, highly polluted air will act as a trigger, causing you asthma attacks or other symptoms.

The smallest particulate matter of 2.5 microns or less (PM2.5) is the main threat to our respiratory health as it is small enough to reach the deepest parts of our lungs.

Inhaling air with a high concentration of PM2.5 can cause you all those annoying symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose.

And not just that. If you are exposed to it for a longer period of time, you are at risk of developing various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as heart disease, chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function, lung cancer, and even death.

2. What Is N95 Mask?

I assume you are worried about your health condition. Luckily, N95 mask will help you breathe healthier.

It captures all those small harmful particles in the air, stopping them from going to your lungs.

N95 implies an efficiency rating given by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH). It means that this mask filters out 95% of (N) on-oil particles that are larger than .3 microns (.00003 cm).
N95 Masks Protect You From:
• Dust
• Pollution
• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Allergens
N95 Masks Do Not Protect You From:
• Oil-based substances
• Gases
The mask consists of a tangled mass of jumbled up fibers that lay on top of each other. While the air flows through it, the polluted particles get stuck in those fiber surfaces.

As this is the way the N95 masks work, they don’t clog easily and will work even when they are dirty.

Why is N95 Mask Good for You?

There are many benefits of using the N95 mask, but the most obvious one is that while having it on your face you are limiting the inhaling of polluted particles, sending them directly to the mask filter first.

It is estimated that the N95 mask filters 99, 95% of polluted air particles, enabling you to live and work in a very safe environment.

Additionally, most of the N95 masks have the elastic straps for your head and adjustable nose clip. Therefore, it has the best possible seal and is very comfortable to wear.

Observing its longevity, buying this mask extremely pays off. Even when it is black dirty it still will catch over 98% of PM2.5.

Therefore, it wears out very slowly. The only danger is the potential leakage through the edges of the mask when there is too much dirt. But you can easily brush it out and use it again.

3. N95 Mask VS. N99 Mask

Comparing to the N95 mask, N99 mask catches even more polluted particles. As its name says, it filters 99% or more of non-oil-based particles.

However, that comes with a price. To make a better filter, manufacturers use denser material and make a different seal that reduces the airflow, making the mask more expensive.

That all together makes your lungs work harder so your breathing is slower. Considering that wearing this mask requires more of your daily energy, you can get tired easier.

If you wear it at work that will surely affect your productivity. On the other hand, wearing N95 mask will protect you from 95% of polluted air while keeping your productivity and energy at the best possible levels.

With both masks, you can still smell things such as diesel and car exhaust as they aren’t oil resistant.
In terms of longevity, N99 respirator mask seems to be not the favourite one as it can fall apart after two weeks of everyday use due to its less elastic materials.

The Bottom Line

If you feel like N95 mask is not working very well for you I would suggest buying N99 mask. However, as N95 mask is cheaper, it makes you less tired, and lasts longer, it is a better choice in my opinion. All in all, make sure that you protect your body from the multiple dangerous air particles.

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