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Air quality monitor

Air quality monitor

  • 2,100.002,900.00

    Air quality monitor 5 in 1 with CO2

    Co2 Detection Range: 400 – 5000 PPM
    Temp Detection Range: 0 – 50 Degree C
    Humidity Detection Range: 0 – 99% RH
    HCHO Detection Range: 0 – 0.6 mg/m3
    TVOC Detection Range: 0 – 2.0 mg/m3

  • 5,950.006,500.00

    Air Quality Monitor-PM 2.5-HCHO-TVOC-AQI

    This machine displays 8 parameters: PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, HCHO, TVOC, temperature, humidity, and time. Temperature units can be switched: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be manually switched. Quick and accurate detection. Real time monitoring of indoor air quality, taking care of family safety. Large and clear screen for comfortable reading. Compact and portable design makes it easy to carry and use in any room of your home. USB rechargeable design ensures long-lasting use and convenience.

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