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  • Digital Tachometer DT 2234C

    Digital Tachometer DT 2234C

    • Test range: 2. 5 To 99, 999 rpm(r/min).
    • Memory: max. Value, min. Value and last value
    • Accuracy: ±(0. 05% + 1 Digit).
    • Sampling time: 0. 8 Sec. (Over60 rpm)
    • Speed Measure Range: 2.5 to 999.9, 1000 to 99999
  • 1,100.001,500.00

    Non Contact Photo Tachometer

    A digital tachometer is a device used to measure the rotation speed of a shaft or disk in machinery or vehicles. It provides accurate readings of the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the rotating object, helping operators monitor and control the speed of machinery. Digital tachometers are preferred for their precision and ease of reading compared to traditional analog tachometers. They typically feature a digital display that shows the RPM in real-time. Digital tachometers are widely used in automotive, manufacturing, and aviation industries to ensure optimal performance, prevent overheating, and avoid mechanical failures due to excessive speed.

    • ATTENTION: Sold & Fullfilled Only By ” True Sense “, Warranty Will Be Void If Purchased By ” Others ” Sellers.
    • ACCURATE RPM METER: This Handheld Tachometer Is Highly Accurate And Non Contact. Wide Measuring Range From 2.5 RPM To 99999 RPM And High Resolution Of 0.1 RPM Or 1 RPM, This RPM Meter Gives You Accurate Rotational Speed Readings From A Distance.
    • MULTI-FUNCTION TACHOMETER: This Handheld Tachometer Can Automatically Record The Max Value, Min Value And Last Value, In Addition, The Digital Counter Also Has Functions Such As Automatic Range And Low Battery Indication.
    • Extra Large 5 Digit LCD Display: This Digital Speedometer Measures Velocity In Revolutions Per Minute. The Information Is Displayed On A Large And Easy To Read Lcd Screen.
    • WIDELY APPLICATION: The Speedometer Wide Used In The Field Of Motor, Wheels, Lathe, Electrical Fan, Paper Making, Plastic Industry, Washing Machines, Car Making, Etc.

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