Alkaline water Machine | An Ultimate Guide On Ionized Water

An Ultimate Guide On Ionized Water


You must have read that any water that has a pH greater than 7 is alkaline and due to its alkalinity, it can counteract acidity in the body and provide several other benefits if consumed daily. While all this is true to an extent and only in particular conditions, you can assume ionized water is a much better alternative to this alkaline water. Still, people often mistake alkaline water for ionized water or vice-versa. This, however, isn’t true and the following key differences between the two will validate the same.

Alkaline Water v/s Ionized Water: Key Difference!

In layman’s terms, ionized water is water rich in minerals that get ionized after losing or gaining electrons. Or you can say any water containing charged minerals is ionized water. On the other hand, if the water contains only alkali minerals like calcium, potassium, or magnesium, it’s alkaline water. Now, the key aspect of ionized water is its high antioxidants potential that enables it to better counteract acidity in the stomach than your alkaline water.

The main reason behind the above is that alkaline water gets its alkalinity from salt minerals like bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate while ionized water gets its alkalinity from calcium and magnesium hydroxide (both are charged). If you’re wondering from where ionized water gets calcium and magnesium hydroxide, it’s through the ionization process of the water ionizers or Kangen water machines (I’ll talk about ionizers later). Such a machine adjusts the pH of the regular tap water through electrolysis and separates the acidic and alkaline components. Hence, ionized water can be both acidic or alkaline.

How is ionized water made?

Your regular tap water has two kinds of ions mixed in it: mineral ions like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and bicarbonate ions. While mineral ions carry a positive electromagnetic charge, bicarbonate ions have a negative electromagnetic charge.

Now, as said above, ionized water is a result of electrolysis that takes place in an ionizer wherein the positively charged minerals ions are separated from the negatively charged bicarbonate ions. It may sound simple here, so let’s understand the above through the internal structure of an ionizer.

Inside an ionizer, there are charged plates (ionizer plates), and these act as magnets to attract the oppositely charged ion. The ions these plates attract pass through a membrane called bipolar exchange membrane that doesn’t allow any other particle or ion to pass through. Thus, this separation process separates the tap water into acidic water (oxidized) and alkaline (reduced) water which then gets collected into their respective chambers. While the oxidized or acidic water passes through the plastic hose into the sink as waste, the ionized or alkaline water is what you get from the faucet.

The key element of an ionizer is its plates which are of three types: solid, mesh, and solid/mesh. While solid plates are the most durable ones, they’re likewise less effective against the other two in the electrolysis process. On the other hand, mesh plates are just the opposite of solid plates in durability and efficiency. Hence, water ionizers with mesh/solid plates are the best models you’d choose.

Which is the best water ionizer?

By now, you must have understood the benefits of consuming simply iodized or iodized alkaline water over the usual alkaline water. If you too want to experience the prowess of the former, you’d own a water ionizer. Out of all the types of water ionizers, this Bio+ IonGen Water Ionizer from Uniglobal Business is an all-in-one package.

Continue reading to know more about this 100% premium water ionizer and how it stands apart from others.

Bio+ IonGen Water Ionizer from Uniglobal Business

One of the contrasting features of this particular model is that you get multiple types of water from this ionizer i.e.:

● Alkaline water
○ Drinking water with a pH of 8.0-9.5
○ Water for cooking purposes with pH 9.5-10+
Acidic water
○ Washing face & body
○ For dishes with a pH of 6.0-5.0
○ General cleaning with pH 4.0-3.0
Purified water
○ For medication purpose with pH 7.0

Next is this ionizer is available in models having varying numbers of plates like 5 plates, 7 plates, 9 plates, and 11, plates. This water ionizer features a powerful SMPS (switched-mode power supply) power system.

This ensures the ionizer produces the most effective ionized water for years and years to come. Plus, it has an adjustable ionizing power of up to 450W that’ll deliver you the best pH and ORP from any water source. Unlike the outdated power systems, today’s modern SMPS are known to lend more power, ensure greater efficiency, and ultimate durability.

Not to forget its premium dual filtration system

This Bio+ IonGen Water Ionizer constitutes a multi-stage dual filtration system with a UF membrane filter and a premium activated carbon filter. The latter works towards eliminating heavy metals and fluoride found in the majority of today’s water sources. Furthermore, the silver activated carbon filter is known to kill bacteria and curb their growth within the filter and prevent them from passing through to the electrolysis chamber.

The other filter i.e. the UF (ultrafiltration) membrane eliminates the remaining sediment particles in the water, thus conserving the life and performance of both your water and ionizer.

There is a full-size wide color display screen with smart & premium touch buttons

Through its customizable smart touch panel, you can display pieces of information like the pH level, ORP levels, the number of filters, life left in each filter, water flow rate, and much more on the full-size wide color display panel.

Last but not least, there are 8 languages available for the voice selection system

There is audio support for eight languages that are Hindi, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish French, German, and Italian.

Benefits of ionized water over regular water

Being of higher antioxidants potential, ionized water comes with the following health benefits.

● It promotes bone restoration and prevents osteoporosis in the future if consumed regularly.
● Charged mineral-rich water deactivates pepsin that causes acid reflux. This dissuades gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRD).
● If you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, you can experience significant reductions in the two within the first 3-6 months of consumption.
● Ionized water is also popular for its anti-aging properties.
● It’s likewise associated with promising skin health and deep hydration.
● Some studies also indicate that ionized water helps in digestion and strengthens your immune system.
● For people suffering from obesity, ionized water is branded to assist in considerable weight loss. However, this claim isn’t truly justified yet.

Final words

Ionized water is nothing but water having charged minerals that are believed to have higher antioxidants potential than your regular alkaline water. It’s both acidic and alkaline with both forms being suitable for a wide range of applications such as cooking, cleaning/sanitizing, washing, beauty purposes, and much more. Out of the best water ionizers available, the Bio+ IonGen Water Ionizer is one option you’d check out. In a nutshell, instead of simple alkaline water, you’d either consume ionized water or ionized alkaline water for sound health.

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