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Hero-Water-HR2-Solenoid Valve-SV – Pack of 2

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  • 24 V DC, 0-120 PSI, 2.5 mm Orifice Easily replaceable by anybody with or without experience.
  • Easily gets Fit in all models, No breaking ,no leaking during moving and installing Compatible with all and any model of all domestic water purifiers.
  • Automatic Control Water on/off.96+

The working of Solenoid Valve is similar to that of a normal valve. The only difference here is that the Solenoid Valve only operates when it is supplied with DC Voltage.

This is a 2 way Solenoid Valve. So, it has has 2 connections, one of them is liquid inlet and other is outlet. It accepts DC voltage of 24V. It also works on 12V DC. When there is input voltage on the Solenoid Terminals, it operates, and opens up, allowing the liquid to flow from inlet to outlet.

The Solenoid has push fit connectors on each side. So, this connector will allow us to directly push the pipe or nozzle into the solenoid without worrying of leaking.

Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve
Uniglobal Business Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve

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Hero-Water-HR2-Solenoid Valve-SV - Pack of 2

250.00400.00 (-38%)

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