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Biorich Alkaline Water Filter


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✔ Anti-Aging Effects Increases Metabolism Improves Immune System

✔ Supplies Essential Mineral

✔ Neutralizes Acidic Wastes & Uric Acids Powerful Anti-Oxidants & Detoxifier Restores pH Balance In Body

✔ Smaller Water Cluster Size

✔ Reduces Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Level

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Calcium – is a basic building mineral for teeth and bones. It allows proper digestion and is necessary to regulate normal and healthy heart rhythm as well as good functioning of arteries and muscles.

Magnesium – takes part in over 300 different biochemical functions inside a human body and is a deciding factor for the immune system and proper blood circulation. It prevents cancer-related illnesses, atherosclerosis, strokes, and kidney diseases.

Sodium – is responsible for controlling the water absorption and retention by a human body as well as the proper balance of pH. Is an excellent moderator of blood.

Technical Specification:

Diameter: 53mm
Length: 254mm
Max. flow rate: 250 l/24h
Max. pressure: 6bar
Max. temperature: 38 Degree C
Capacity: 4500 liters*Depending upon RO processed Water

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Biorich Alkaline Water Filter


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