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Bactaslyde Yeast Fungi TBC Test Kit BS101

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The use of Bactaslyde Yeast Fungi TBC Test Kit BS101 :-

Yeast are unicellular fungi which are used to make bread and other wheat-based products such as dough and dumplings. Also they are useful in production of alcoholic beverages through fermentation. Almost all species of yeasts and fungi grow on BACTASLYDE TBC test kit and there growth may consist either purely of yeasts or purely of fungi or may be mixed. Fungi are aerobic and commonly occur in nature especially in places which are damp where organic matter and oxygen are present. They produce vast numbers of spores and grow continuously without regards to size and shape. Several fungi are domesticated species that are bred or selected according to their capacity to ferment food without producing harmful toxins. The Total Bacterial Count gives a quantitative idea about the presence of microorganisms such as bacteria yeast and mold in a sample. It is also known as Total Viable Count (TVC) Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) Heterotrophic Colony Count (HCC) Aerobic Plate Count (APC) Total Plate Count (TPC) or Standard Plate Count (SPC) and it represents the total bacterial load in a given sample. All our range of dip slides enables you to perform the Total Bacterial Count on one side of the slide to reflect the general hygiene condition of a sample.


  • Microbiology Laboratory Not Required
  • Can Be Used by Non-Technical People
  • No Need for an Incubator
  • Can Be Used at Site Very Effectively


  • Product Code: BS101
  • No of Tests: 5
  • Type: Quantitative
  • HSN: 90275090
  • Packing: Plastic Case

Bactaslyde Yeast Fungi TBC Test Kit BS101 is quality product of Aquasol.

Unilobal Business have all required kits available to complete the test, to check for the growth of Yeast and Fungi.

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Bactaslyde Yeast Fungi TBC Test Kit BS101

980.001,150.00 (-15%)

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