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AQUASOL Total Hardwater Test Kit – AE201

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When water comes into contact with deposits like limestone, it can lead to an increase in the levels of certain ions, including Ca2+, Mg2+, and HCO3-. This elevated concentration of minerals causes the water to be classified as hard water. The presence of calcium and magnesium ions, among other divalent ions, contributes significantly to water hardness.

The issue of hardness in water stems from dissolved minerals, and it can lead to various challenges. For example, the formation of scale deposits becomes a problem in industrial systems such as boilers and cooling systems, resulting in energy losses. Scale formation can also occur in plumbing, heating appliances, and boilers. To effectively manage these issues, it is crucial to measure the total hardness of water, particularly in processes such as softening, demineralization, and reverse osmosis (RO) plants.



AQUASOL offers a comprehensive range of hardness testing solutions that cater to diverse needs in the market. Our hardness testing kit is considered a premium option, widely utilized across various industries where water quality is of utmost importance. Whether it’s for industrial processes or simply monitoring water parameters, our AQUASOL hardness range stands as one of the most extensive and reliable choices available.

With our premium hardness testing kit, industries can effectively manage water hardness issues, ensuring optimal performance and preventing scale-related problems. We understand the significance of water as a critical ingredient, and our AQUASOL hardness range serves as a valuable tool in maintaining water quality across diverse sectors.

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AQUASOL Total Hardwater Test Kit - AE201

485.00550.00 (-12%)

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