Aquasol Total HardWater Test Kit - AE211

Total HardWater Test Kit – AE211 – Caco3

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  • Total HardWater Test Kit – AE211 – Caco3
  • The No. of Tests – 250
    RO plant, softening processes

Total HardWater Test Kit – AE211 – Caco3

When water flows through or comes into contact with deposits like limestone, there is a notable increase in the levels of Ca2+, Mg2+, and HCO3– ions, leading to the categorization of water as hard water. The presence of dissolved minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium ions, is a common cause of water hardness, often accompanied by other divalent ions. The elevated hardness poses challenges, including the formation of scale deposits that can result in energy inefficiencies across various industrial systems such as boilers and cooling systems. This scale formation extends to plumbing, heating appliances, and boilers, necessitating the need for effective monitoring and management of total hardness.

Accurate measurement of total hardness is crucial for overseeing processes like softening, demineralization, RO (reverse osmosis) plants, and other softening procedures. Our AQUASOL hardness range stands out as a premier kit in the market today, offering an extensive selection. This premium kit is widely utilized across diverse industries where water quality is a critical parameter, ensuring effective control and optimization of water hardness in industrial processes.

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Total HardWater Test Kit - AE211 - Caco3

550.001,400.00 (-61%)

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