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Pulse Oximeter


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2*1.5V(AAA)alkaline batteries
SpO2, pulse rate
SpO2 measurement range
PR measurement range
Automatic shut-off
About 20 seconds
Working current
Operating Environment
Temperature:5 – 40°C; Humidity:<=80%; Atmospere: 50-106kPa
Storage Environment
Temperature:-20 – 55°C; Humidity: <=93%; Atmospere: 50-106kPa
Package Dimension
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-TFT display: Dual Color TFTdisplay. Better shows the data.

-Multi-direction display: Rotatable multidirectional display. 4 directions, 6 modes, allow you to view your results in any

-Alarm function: Set the alarm and beep according to your needs. There will be a warning once the measured values go beyond the setting. Know it immediately.

-With case: Small in volum, light in weight, convenient to carry. With a land yard and carrying case, convenient to use and to storage.

-Long battery life:

1) Low-power consumption, continuously work for 6 hours.

2)In the absence of signal, the product will be in after 8 seconds to enter standby state.

What is Pulse Oximeter ??

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive test for measuring the oxygen saturation levels in your blood and utilizes a simple handheld device called a pulse oximeter.

Oxygen is vital for the various body parts to carry on their functioning. But do you know how this oxygen transports to the extremities furthest from the heart, say legs and arms? So, let me tell you. Your blood acts as a transporting medium for oxygen. Hence, it’s through the blood, or the red blood cells, that oxygen pumped by your heart reaches every part of the body like the brain, legs, arms, etc.


Now, your body needs to maintain a certain (normal) level of oxygen in the blood and it’s 95-100% if measured through a pulse oximeter (I’ll come to this later). If the reading is less than 95%, it’s the case of hypoxemia, a condition of lower oxygen saturation in the body that has various negative effects on the body’s tissues and organs. This is where pulse oximetry comes into the picture.

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