Unleashing the Potential of Heating Mantles in Laboratory Experiments

Heating Mantle 1 LTR

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  • Electric heating net is hand knitted form glass yarn to attain Temp. Upto 300’C.
  • The body of the mantle is one piece from non-rusting Aluminium
  • These are lagged with special created mineral wool provided with ON/OFF switch and pilot lamp.
  • Supplied complete with cord & plug to work on Single Phase 220 / 230 volts A.C. supply.

A heating mantle is an essential piece of equipment used in many scientific labs, specifically in chemistry. It is designed to uniformly heat various glassware containers, such as flasks and beakers, for different experimental purposes. The main advantage of a heating mantle over other types of heating devices, such as Bunsen burners or hot plates, is that it provides gentle, evenly distributed, and precise heat.

The heating mantle works by means of an electrically resistive material, like a metal wire, embedded within a layer of heat- and fire-resistant fabric. When an electric current passes through the resistive material, it generates heat due to resistance. This heat is then efficiently transferred to the glass container.

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heating mantal 1 ltr

Heating Mantle 1 LTR

1,250.001,500.00 (-17%)

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