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150 MM Digital Vernier Caliper

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Digital calipers are the most frequently used calipers for inner, outer, depth and step measurements. Instead of a rack and pinion, they are provided with a direct encoder. Some advanced calipers can be exchanged between centimeters or millimeters, and inches. 6-in/150-mm Digital calipers are usually made of stainless steel. All varied kinds of vernier calipers accommodate fixing the zero at any time along the slide, permitting an indistinguishable kind of differential estimation from the dial caliper. Digital calipers may contain some kind of “perusing hold” which includes permitting the perusing of measurements even in ungainly areas where the display can’t be seen.


Type of Product : Digimatic Vernier Caliper
Measuring Range (mm) : 0-150 mm
Resolution (mm) : 0.01 mm
Material : Stainless Steel

Key Features :
Most Stable Microprocessor.
Stainless Steel smooth slides.
Shock-resistant, Back-up-battery
With Thumb lock and Bezel.

Applications :
4 Way Measurement Inside, outside, depth, step.

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150 MM Digital Vernier Caliper

650.00850.00 (-24%)

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