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  • 1,250.003,500.00

    Uniglobal Business Refractometer Urea Adblue DEF Exhaust Fluids with ATC

    • Handheld Antifreeze Testers are Easy to Calibrate with Fresh or Distill Water.
    • Optical Refractometer for Automobile Use Ambient Light Only, No Battery Required.
    • Refractometer Coolant Tester with the Smooth Eyepiece, Easy to Adjust & See the Clear Scale.
    • Portable Refractometer with Plastic Box, Convenient to Storage After Use & Easy to Take with You.
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation, Eliminates Delicate of Ambient Temperatures Changes on Results & More Reliable.
    • Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC), increase accuracy and eliminates concerns on temperature
    • Easy to calibrate and use
    • Soft rubber eyepiece for comfortable viewing
    • Cushioned with soft and comfortable non-slip rubberized grip, insulate test solution from body heat
    • Adjustable focus, clearly defined scale, w/ large easy-to-read measurements
    • Durable, built to last long
    • Approved by strict quality and safety standards
    • Accurate results guaranteed
  • 350.00500.00

    Neubauer Cell Counting Chamber

    Product Features:

    1.Cell depth:0.100mm±2%.
    4.Ruling Pattern: Improved Neubauer,1/400 Square mm.
    5.The Neubauer Counting Chamber is diamond etched and has a double improved Neubauer Ruling, meeting the most demanding of standards.

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