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Hydrolife Water Ionizer

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ZeroB Hydrolife is the best alkaline water purifier in India, which is an outcome and a combination of striking research expertise and technology innovation that ultimately gives you finest healthy and antioxidizing water that is crafted by you, for you. ZeroB Hydrolife allows you to #CraftYourWater catering to different pH range of water along with an enhanced water taste.

Our pan India team of ZeroB Hydrolife experts is self-driven, knowledgeable and prompt to take care of your service concerns.


Why Drink ZeroB Hydrolife Water ?

Immunity Booster

Enhance your body’s natural immunity to challenge oncoming diseases and secure a healthy life.

Create Wellness

The Goodness of Alkaline and Hydrogen water keeps away Lifestyle diseases and physiological disorders.


Hydrogen water with negative ORP is a strongest antioxidant that helps to fight against the damaging oxidative stress, thus promoting better health.

Low TDS Healthy Water​

ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water machine does not need addition of minerals and chemicals externally as its in-built patented mineral crafter technology adds minerals when required.

your way for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Hydrolife is wondrous water which is delivered through its combination of innovation in water technology. Experience technology and innovation poured into your glass of water with diverse benefits.

Level 2 : Cooking Water Button
8.5 pH – 9.5 pH

Alkaline Water
This water is used for making tea or coffee, apart from its use in cooking.

Level 4 : Purified Water Button
7.0 pH

Purified Water
This water is used for taking medicines or for other general purpose.

Level 5 : Sanitizing Water Button
3.5 pH – 5.5 pH

Acidic Water
This water is used for sanitizing/cleaning purpose or as an astringent to remove hard stains.

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Hydrolife Water Ionizer

299,000.00310,000.00 (-4%)

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