Amequa Alkaline Water Filter

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✔ Amequa alkaline water filter is enriched with japanese natural media with the highest quality standards.
✔ ‘’japanese natural media is the tried and tested wellness solution for re-mineralizing and alkalizing r.o. water.
✔ With amequa alkaline water keep your body thoroughly hydrated with water that is alkaline in nature and laden with natural minerals.
✔ Amequa alkaline japanese natural water media is processed with volcanic and deep-sea stones mined all the way from various regions of japan.
✔ Amequa alkaline water helps in reducing acidity, produces natural trace minerals and essential minerals which can be absorbed completely by the human/our body.
✔ Its high ph levels neutralize acids and remove toxins.
✔ Amequa alkaline water brings all this wellness packed in a filter cartridge to your lips.

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