Electric hot water bag

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Certified auto shut-off built-in heat design to prevent overheating, explosion-proof and more safe guarantee. Charge 10 minutes and warm you whole night!
Water filled Electric rechargeable water hot bag for recycle use, more environmentally friendly and long lasting performance.
Help Keeping warm in a chilly Winter, or Relief Pain, Relax Muscles, or As a Great Pillow. Multifunctional design! An essential item for women in Winter or Menstruation period. Warm hands, feet, belly, stomach, heart and relieve pain successfully.
Product Features:
Keeping warm perfectly, cold-proof.
Automatic temperature control to prevent overheating.
Safe, explosion-proof, portable and reusable, so lovely. You can put two hands in it, keeping warm for a very long time.
No water injection in shipment, assuring you of your safety.
Pressing water plug design completely prevents burns from water plug falling off.

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