• Kitchen Scale SF-400

    1. Wide LCD screen display, easy to read, Automatically locks the reading when data is stable
    2. Low power consumption, Low battery indicator,Tare function, Maximum Capacity 10kg
    3. The scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power
    4. High-precision tension meter sensing system, 1G Measuring Increments, Power by 1.5V 2 x AA batteries
    5. Color: White, With 3 Button on the scale, that is on/off,Mode,Tare, Material: PVC

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  • Latex Examination Gloves

    1. Hospital, dental, laboratory, food and industrial use
    2. Single use disposable for multi purpose
    3. 100 pieces in a single pack based on weight
    4. Material: powdered smooth latex examination gloves; color: white
    5. Non-sterile; package includes: pack of 100 glove

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  • Amequa Alkaline Water Filter

    ✔ Amequa alkaline water filter is enriched with japanese natural media with the highest quality standards.
    ✔ ‘’japanese natural media is the tried and tested wellness solution for re-mineralizing and alkalizing r.o. water.
    ✔ With amequa alkaline water keep your body thoroughly hydrated with water that is alkaline in nature and laden with natural minerals.
    ✔ Amequa alkaline japanese natural water media is processed with volcanic and deep-sea stones mined all the way from various regions of japan.
    ✔ Amequa alkaline water helps in reducing acidity, produces natural trace minerals and essential minerals which can be absorbed completely by the human/our body.
    ✔ Its high ph levels neutralize acids and remove toxins.
    ✔ Amequa alkaline water brings all this wellness packed in a filter cartridge to your lips.

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  • Biorich Alkaline Water Filter

    ✔ Anti-Aging Effects Increases Metabolism Improves Immune System

    ✔ Supplies Essential Mineral

    ✔ Neutralizes Acidic Wastes & Uric Acids Powerful Anti-Oxidants & Detoxifier Restores pH Balance In Body

    ✔ Smaller Water Cluster Size

    ✔ Reduces Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Level

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  • Purelife Alkaline Water Filter

    ✔ The Pure Life Alkaline Filter is Effective and Gives the water pH value of 7.5 ~8.5.

    ✔ Turn acidic drinking water into alkali calcium ion water.

    ✔ This natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ions can be absorbed 100% by the body.

    ✔ It is easily absorbed in the body because it has structurally smaller molecules that help the body take in more water and replenish quickly lost water.

    ✔ Makes the water cleaner and healthier.

    ✔ This filter improves the qualities of clean water by adding necessary for proper human development and healthy minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and others readily found in many natural mineral glasses of water.

    ✔ Mainly installed with RO systems to complement their absolute filtration qualities
    Technical Specifications

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  • Electric hot water bag

    Certified auto shut-off built-in heat design to prevent overheating, explosion-proof and more safe guarantee. Charge 10 minutes and warm you whole night!
    Water filled Electric rechargeable water hot bag for recycle use, more environmentally friendly and long lasting performance.
    Help Keeping warm in a chilly Winter, or Relief Pain, Relax Muscles, or As a Great Pillow. Multifunctional design! An essential item for women in Winter or Menstruation period. Warm hands, feet, belly, stomach, heart and relieve pain successfully.
    Product Features:
    Keeping warm perfectly, cold-proof.
    Automatic temperature control to prevent overheating.
    Safe, explosion-proof, portable and reusable, so lovely. You can put two hands in it, keeping warm for a very long time.
    No water injection in shipment, assuring you of your safety.
    Pressing water plug design completely prevents burns from water plug falling off.

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  • Refractometer brix 0-32%

    Tri scales: Brix, °Oechsle (°Oe) and °KMW (Babo)
    -Wide Measuring range: 0 ~ 32 % Brix, 0 ~ 140° O and 0 ~ 27° KMW
    -Sturdy metal body, made of durable aluminum
    -Require ambient light source only
    -Compact design with rubberized grip handle
    -Adjustable Focus
    -Clear display of scales
    -Soft and flexible eyepiece, superior comfort while viewing
    -Simple and easy manual calibration
    -Instant and reliable measurements of aqueous solutions

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  • TP101 Food Probe Thermometer

    This TP101 electronic Digital Food thermometer is made in pen-type structure for convenient and portable use and made of stainless steel probe which is safer and more durable. Importantly it is available to various measured subjects including liquid, paste, oil, Food Thermometer processing, rubber and plastics processing and so on at a wide range of -50℃~+300℃ (-58℉~+572℉) .

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  • Pulse Oximeter

    Integrated with SpO2 Pulse Oximeter probe and processing display module,small in volume,light in weight and convenient in carrying,operation of the product is simple,low power consumption, suitable for your smart phone.

    Compact size, easy installation, high reliability and accuracy
    – Applicable to adult, pediatric patients
    – Powered by 3V, low power consumption
    – 2 standard 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries, 2 direction of display
    – Graph includes plethysmogram, pulse strength bargraph and PR digits

  • Anti Pollution Mask N95 Pack of 5

    Uniglobal Business N95 face mask is a disposable particulate respirator that is designed to help provide reliable respiratory protection of at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles. This respirator is designed for use for particles such as those from grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, bagging, or other dusty operations. This respirator can also help reduce inhalation exposures to certain airborne biological particles (examples: mold, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis), but cannot eliminate the risk of contracting infection, illness, or disease.

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  • ATC PH Meter

    • Digital Pocket Pen Type PH meter with LCD display
    • Package Includes: 1x PH Meter, 2x Calibration Powders, 1x Screw Driver, 1x Carry Box
    • Usages: ideal instrument for aquarium, fishing industry, swimming pool, school laboratory, food & beverage etc.
    • Measuring pH Range: 0.0 – 14.0 pH || Resolution: 0.1 pH || Accuracy: ±0.1 pH (20°C), ±0.2 pH
    • Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F)
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  • Water Pitcher 3.5 Liter

    • Creates silky-smooth and great tasting water that is refreshing to drink and cook with.
    • Helps filter out chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper so your drinking water will be more refreshing and clear.
    • Reduces lime scale.
    • Offers pH 8.5 – 10.0 to help support systemic pH balance in the body. (Typically increases pH by 2 or more points).
    • Increases active hydrogen.
    • Provides low negative ORP: -100mv to -300mv. This transforms ordinary water into rich antioxidant water to help energise and revitalise your body.
    • Reduces water molecule size to create more absorbable water and increase hydration.
    • Increases the alkalinity to make your drinking water more vital.
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  • ORP Meter

    ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a popular water quality parameter that is normally measured as the voltage between a platinum measuring electrode and a reference electrode. It used to measure Oxidation Reduction Potential or Redox and temperature of your solution or system in a simple and fast way. The measurement result from an ORP sensor represents the net status of all the oxidation and reduction reactions in the sample being measured

    Technical Specification:

    Measuring range:0~±1999mV
    Accuracy: ±5mV
    Resolution:1 mV
    Display:4-digital LCD
    Power Supply: 4×1.5V(AG13)

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