• Digital Speed Anemometer

    1. Air Velocity & Temperature measurement
    2. Max/Min/Average/Current reading
    3. ℃/℉temperature unit selection
    4. Five units of air velocity: M/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph
    5. Data Hold
    6. LCD backlight display
    7. Manual/Auto power shut off
    8. Beaufort Scale indication
    9.Wind chill alert
    10.Low battery indication
    11.Retractable drag rod

    2,350.003,500.00 33% off
  • Hydrolife Water Ionizer

    ZeroB Hydrolife is the best alkaline water purifier in India, which is an outcome and a combination of striking research expertise and technology innovation that ultimately gives you finest healthy and antioxidizing water that is crafted by you, for you. ZeroB Hydrolife allows you to #CraftYourWater catering to different pH range of water along with an enhanced water taste.

    Our pan India team of ZeroB Hydrolife experts is self-driven, knowledgeable and prompt to take care of your service concerns.

  • SPE Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle

    Hydrogen water,hydrogen-enriched water,or hydrogenated water,is regular water (H₂O)that has been infused with hydrogen gas.This gas raises the concentration levels of molecular hydrogen in water for easy digestibility and immediate penetration in cells,which encourages over all health benefits.
    Hydrogen water–also called hydrogen-enriched water,hydrogen-infusedwater,or hydrogenated water is just water infused with hydrogengas.

    Many natural springs, now shut down,contained a higher concentration of hydrogen and were used for centuries to help heal certain illnesses.This healing ability is what may have prompted finding ways to infuse water with molecular hydrogen.

  • Tp300 Digital Meat Thermometer

    100% brand new and high quality.
    Long stainless steel sensor probe.
    Multi-purpose, measuring temperature of drink, milk, coffee, food etc.
    Auto power-off (after 15 min no operation).
    Fine workmanship and stable performance.
    Accurate and reliable.
    Easy to use.
    Long service life.
    For your kitchen, laboratory, factory or BBQ.

  • KERRO® BL-P6D/5003 | 500G/0.001GM

    Brand: KERRO. Model: BL-P6D/5003(500GM/0.001G)
    Large LED Display: easy to read, clear and precise reading even in dark environment. 2. Functions: This laboratory scale has multiple functions of tare. 3. RS-232 Ports. 4 Load Cells . 5. Platform Size:90mm
    WITH WINDSHIELD-This laboratory scale is equipped with windshield, aiming to avoid external influence like wind and make the weighing results more accurate. Stainless steel made round weighing pan makes the sensor uniformly stressed to ensure an accurate weighing results
    UNIT CONVERSION-Unit can be converted from g, lb, ct, oz, ozt, GN,pcs
    0.001g/1mg HIGH PRECISION-Compared to 1mg glass cover scale, this lab scale is more lightweight and economical while its upgraded core sensor ensures the weighing results correct and stable, up to a precision of 0.001g.

  • Milwaukee MA871 Digital Brix Refractometer

    RANGE: 0 to 85%
    BrixRESOLUTION: 0.1% | 0.1°C (0.1°F)
    ACCURACY: ±0.2%
    Brix | ±0.3°C | ±0.5°F
  • AQUASOL Total Hardwater Test Kit – ae201

    Total hardwater Test kit
    The No. of Tests – 250
    RO plant, softening processes

  • Total Hardness Water Test Kit – (AE-211) – Caco3

    Total hardwater kit
    The No. of Tests – 250
    RO plant, softening processes

  • 4 in 1 Soil Moisture Meter Pro

    Range Sunlight

    (9 levels)


    (5 levels)

    Ph value

    (12 levels)

    4.0~9.0( resolution 0.1 )

    PH=7 indicates a neutral soil

    PH<7—acidic soil

    PH>7—alkaline soil



    -9°C ~+50°C (16°F~122°F)

    (resolution 1°C /°F)

    Auto off Will auto off after 5 minutes
    Backlight function Will auto off after 1.5 minutes
    Power supply 1 x 9V ( No included )
    Working current <30mA
    Low battery indicator YES
    Operating temperature +5°C~+40°C
    Working humidity 5%~95%RH non-condensing
    Storage condition -20°C~+50°C,<85%
  • Vernier Caliper 150MM

    High quality: Full stainless steel, high quality measuring device. High Accuracy: the accuracy is 0.02mm / 0.001 inch
    Sharp black graduations on satin finished bar ease reading, and raised sliding surfaces prevent wear of graduations
    Fine-adjust screw ensures accurate measurements and locking screw secures the measurement tightly in place for accurate reading
    Multi Function: It can measure outside diameter, inside diameter, depth and step value of an exquisite item, a multifunctional tool for you. Measuring range: 0 – 150mm ( 0 – 6 inch )
    Highly polished surface, Heavyweight, Rugged Design with Hardened Stainless Measuring Surfaces

  • Digital Micrometer 0-25mm Micron

    3-Buttons Electronic Digital Micrometer
    Non-rotating spindle.
    With Satin-chrome scale
    High quality heat insulation grip.
    Mesuring faces is made of tungsten carbide.
    Constant force ratchet on thimble.
    Packed in plastic case.

  • Digital Weather Station Thermometer Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor

    1. Material: ABS
    2. Indoor temperature: -50 ~+70 degree C (-58~+158 degree F)
    3. Temperature measuring accuracy: +/-1 C(1.8 degree F)
    4. Outdoor temperature: -50~+70 degree C (-58~+158 degree F)
    5. Temperature resolution: +/-0.1 degree C(0.2 degree F)
    6. Indoor humidity: 10%RH~99%RH
    7. Humidity measuring accuracy: +/-10%RH
    8. Use battery: 1 * 1.5V (AAA) Battery (Not included)
    9. Product size: 98 * 58 * 14mm
    10. Package list: 1 * Digital LCD thermometer hygrometer ( Battery no included )

  • Hero-Water-HR2-Solenoid Valve-SV – Pack of 2

    • 24 V DC, 0-120 PSI, 2.5 mm Orifice Easily replaceable by anybody with or without experience.
    • Easily gets Fit in all models, No breaking ,no leaking during moving and installing Compatible with all and any model of all domestic water purifiers.
    • Automatic Control Water on/off.96+
  • Digital Grain Moisture Meter – MD7822

    Easy to Use

    ✅ DIGITAL DISPLAY : Digital display to facilitate reading data, greatly improves work efficiency.

    ✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGNED : Ergonomic designed, making it simple to operate and use, bring much convenience for you.

    ✅ EASY TO CARRY : Compact and portable, easy to carry, greatly improving the applicability.

    ✅ HIGH QUALITY : Digital Moisture Meter made of ABS material, resistant to oxidation and increased service life.

    ✅ MOISTURE MEASUREMENT : Plant moisture meter used to measure grain moisture, ensures fast and accurate measurement.

  • Hygrometer 288-CTH

    Big Display Thermo / Hygrometer with Clock large 3 line LCD display.

    • Temperature Comfort Display :COMFORT, WET, DRY
    • Temperature Range : -50˚C ~70˚C (-58˚F ~ 158˚F)
    • Temperature Accuracy : ±1.0˚C or ±1.8˚F
    • Humidity Range : 10% ~ 99% RH
    • Humidity Accuracy : ±5% (35% ~ 75%) or else ±10%
    • Time / Temperature / Humidity indicate.
    • Temperature Reading for ˚F &˚C.
    • MAX./MIN. Temperature & Humidity Memory.
    • Calendar with Alarm Clock.

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